Amber Picota

Amber Picota is a mom, a wife, a pastor, a leader, a speaker, a writer, a teacher, a church planter, and so so much more. Amber is all about awakening people to their identity and power in Christ, and empowering leaders to link arms to take over the world with the power of God's love.

Amber serves as Pastor of Streams of Life Church alongside her husband, Rene. She homeschools their three children. Amber loves people, writing, reading, traveling, and speaking; her greatest desire is to see people come alive as they realize who they are and discover what kind of authority and freedom they have in Christ. Amber's cutting-edge blog ( features her thoughts about spirituality, motherhood, relationships, and walking in the fullness of your New Covenant inheritance!


"I have been hearing God speaking about a new movement arising in the Church today as God is anointing and promoting women in positions of greater authority and leadership. This is a fulfillment of the prophecy mentioned in Acts 2:18. This is happening right now. Amber Picota hit this on the head in her book, God’s Feminist Movement. Get ready to cross over into a new era as women take their rightful place in advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth."
- Doug Addison, Author of Understand Your Dreams Now and Personal Development God’s Way; InLight Connection, Los Angeles, CA;

"Amber Picota’s book is raw, real, and revelatory, just like Amber herself. Many books take one topic and drag the reader through 150 pages, but not this one! Here we find various topics addressed swiftly and clearly. Prepare to be challenged and to grow into more Kingdom truth."
-Dr. Jonathan Welton, Best-selling Author, President of Welton Academy

"Amber has done an exceptional job at communicating what it is to be a strong, passionate, and powerful woman. She uses not only a wealth of personal experience but a strong biblical foundation to help guide you through what a true feminist movement should look like. I believe this book will help to break down common misconceptions in today’s society concerning feminism as well as in, spire many women on their personal journey."
- Leah Valenzuela, Bethel Church, Redding

"Amber D’Ann Picota has written an intriguing book about the, place of women in the heart of the Father. In God’s Feminist Movement, she shares the powerful testimony of her own struggles and how God’s grace has restored her and her womanhood. This book confronts the misunderstood idea of submission, pointing out that submission is for both men and women and that domination is never God’s will. Women who have struggled with these issues will find help and comfort in these pages."
- Joe McIntyre, Author of Who We Are in Christ, Throne Life, and The Eternal Defeat of Satan; Senior Minister, Word of His Grace Church, Bothell, WA

"This is one of those books that is born in the fire of love, the womb of experience, and the heart of visionary insight. Its tender invitation to true femininity will unlock the hearts of a generation! Excellent!"
- Dr. Chuck Crisco, A New Day Dawning Ministry


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Description: Experience True Liberation by Seeing Your Beauty, Femininity, and Freedom From Heaven’s Point of View Has Christianity kept women trapped in the stone age? In many ways, yes; but...


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