Cynthia Almaraz

Cynthia Almaraz is an ordained minister, anointed Bible teacher, author, wife, mother and grandmother. Her years of practical experience as a public educator, creating drug outreaches for several churches and even for a maximum security prison in Oklahoma have contributed insight into the addictive mindset.

She relates in sharing her Milestones to when David told King Saul, I can't wear your armor for I can only go out and fight in what has worked for me!

Cynthia is a graduate of several charismatic Bible colleges. She also, has a Masters degree in Education. She and her husband have taught side by side from ministering to drug addicts to teaching foundational truths to Bible students for many years. Recently, she has been an itinerant minister sharing her testimony on how to overcome addictions. She and her husband Robert have a strong restoration ministry and desire to see others living life to the fullest in Christ.

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Description: John 10:10 says that Satan is out to rob, to kill and to destroy us. Addictions - drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual hang-ups, or self-absorption are some of the biggest...