Danny and Darci Cahill

Danny Cahill was overweight from ages seven to fifteen. As a sophomore in high school he desperately wanted a girlfriend so he devised a plan, stuck with it, and worked very hard losing 75 pounds over the summer. Danny played football and began his dream by joining a Rock & Roll band after righting his life! However, after high school and a few years in college, his weight steadily increased throughout the years to, at his highest point, over 450 pounds. He then put his dream on a shelf and began to take care of everything EXCEPT himself! Danny coached his son's football team and wanted to be able to do more with his young, energetic children. But he was just physically too big to be the husband and father his family deserved! One evening, his outlook on his life changed when his found his "Why". His daughter came to him at 7 years old and said "Daddy, You are my hero, and I want to be just like you! I want a belly just like yours!" What kind of role model was he being to his family?

Danny wanted to win "The Biggest Loser" to save him from this unhealthy lifestyle. He did not want to leave his wife and children early in life. Originally from Midwest City, Oklahoma, Danny and his family live in Broken Arrow (near Tulsa), Oklahoma. Danny is an accomplished musician, having played in several groups over the years including names such as Donny Osmond, PC Quest, and he was in a band voted the best band in Greece in 1996! Since going to The Biggest Loser ranch, Danny lost 239 pounds, but more importantly, he s learned the importance of living with a healthy mental attitude and physical lifestyle. It s no wonder he s NBC 's season eight s winner of The Biggest Loser and was crowned "The Biggest Loser...EVER!!!" He lost an amazing 55.58% of his body weight during the show and can now happily say he is "less than half the man he used to be!" Since winning "The Biggest Loser", Danny has appeared on The Today Show, The Jay Leno Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, The Doctors, The Joy Behar show, Larry King Live, The Suze Orman Show, Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell, Numerous radios shows across the country, and even hosts his own radio show on Heartbeat Radio for Women with Best Life Barb! He is writing and recording music and plans to release a CD soon, which will be a turning point in getting his dreams back! He is now a Motivational Speaker with an untold story you won't believe! He will inspire you to reach new heights that you never imagined! He has even played a role in the upcoming movie, "A Christmas Snow," being released on DVD in October! It is plain to see how his life has changed! Danny is living proof that it is NEVER too late to right the ship, get back on your horse and write some brand new words in your life story! Watch his calendar for upcoming events and stay tuned to his blog for more!

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