Dian Layton


Dian Layton lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. She is a storyteller, song-writer, playwright and author. Dian has written numerous children's books, including the SEEKER stories; and her music has received national recognition through the GMA Covenant Awards in Canada. (SEEKER exists in written form plus musical theatre productions. Check out the music at http://tinyurl.com/nzy3lvl)

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Description: Adventures. That's what happens the day Seeker and his friends walk up the straight and narrow path to the Castle. They have lived in the Kingdom of Joy and...


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Description: What Are You Afraid Of?  The dark? The first day of school? Bullies? You can tell your fears to go away! This "Song-Story" tells you how!


Description: Kids face many challenges every day. Finishing homework and household chores, learning new life skills, and navigating moral choices all come with the opportunity to either persevere or to...


Description: Thankfulness is our secret weapon, turning any disappointment into an opportunity for fun! Through memorable lyrics and fun illustrations, Attitude of Gratitude shows children how to make the most of every situation,...