Jim Donovan

Jim Donovan has been teaching people ways to live more fully, to engage with their life, to have dreams and live them. In short, how to be happier in all aspects of their life. He has delivered seminars and workshops, for more than 20 years and with books translated and published in more than 20 countries, is considered an authority in the personal development field. More importantly, he's been there. After his 10 year downward spiral to the bottom, he began studying personal development. That was 30 years ago. Jim has been sharing the ideas that helped him change his life from "Broke to Blessed" for more than 20 years ago and knows they work.

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Description: "In What Are You Waiting For, It's Your Life, Jim Donovan has put together a magnificent 'success manual' that is down to earth, fun to read, and right on...


Description: "This book contains simple, practical ideas and techniques that anyone can use. By following this step-by-step success system, you can change your life from where it is now, to...