Joanne Krupp

Joanne Krupp is the youngest  daughter of the late Dr. Harold K. Sheets,  a General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Methodist  Church.   Although  there  was  never  a  time when  she  didn't  love  Jesus,  she  dates  her conversion  to  when  she  was  twelve  years  of  age.

She  attended  Marion  College,  Marion,  Indiana,  for  two  years  and  graduated  from  Asbury  College,  Wilmore,  Kentucky,  in 1958 with  a  Bachelor  of Arts degree in Social  Studies  (Elementary Education).

She  was  the  wife  of  Gerald  Brannon,  a  Wesleyan  Methodist  pastor,  until  his  death in 1959.   A son, Gerry, was born to her two months after Gerald's death.  Gerry is a Senior Consultant with Design International, advising struggling churches.  He and  his  wife,  Wenda,  have  three children and live in Wisconsin.

She was married to Nate Krupp in 1961.  A daughter, Beth, was born in 1962.  Beth and her husband,  Greg,  have three children.  They live in Hawaii where they are involved in business and ministry.          

Joanne has had a Bible teaching and discipling ministry with women since 1971, ministering in Europe,  North  America,  Asia,  and  the Pacific.  Her book, Woman, Gods Plan, not Mans Tradition has been used around the world.  She and her  husband,  Nate, reside  in  Salem, Oregon.  

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This book examines every major passage in the Bible on the subject of God’s plan for women. It refutes the traditional teaching of husbands having authority over their wives and...


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