Nick Ruiz

Nick Ruiz is a TWICE self made entrepreneur who started out in real estate in his late teens and built a multi million dollar net worth by his mid twenties. The big housing collapse and economic crisis of 2008 crushed him and eventually forced him into bankruptcy. After being completely down and out for a short period of time, he quickly applied the psychological strategies and wisdom he had gained from his years of business experience and bounced back. Soon after the bankruptcy, he was able to build and scale his business back very quickly. Because of his claim to fame of starting from complete scratch the first time, and starting again after complete financial disaster, he is able to really show people how to create success from scratch no matter where you’re coming from. Since then, he has also built a very successful education business from scratch where he teaches people how to create financial independence in real estate with no money or credit.

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Description: Develop High-Level Awareness and Mental Strategies to Advance into Massive Success! There is an infinite amount of material out there on how to succeed, how to make money, how...


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