Stephanie Schureman

Stephanie is an author and Bible teacher, residing in Golden Colorado. She conducts 'Fire Camp Revival Training' which models 'how to hear the voice of God' and how to understand dreams for both children and adults. Her goal is to help people know how much they are loved by God and how to enjoy and practice living daily in the presence of God. She is the author of "Here I Am the One You Love" and teaches a variety of Bible classes. Stephanie is a homeschooling mother of six, grandmother of 5, and wife to Cris for 34 years.

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Description: What is God saying through your dreams?  Your dreams are a unique opportunity to hear from Heaven. While you sleep, daily distractions are absent, creating a space for God to...


In Your Sleep, God is Speaking Did you realize that your spirit never sleeps? When your body sleeps God has your full attention because your distracted mind is temporarily on...