30 Days to Sales Success

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30 Days to Sales Success
30 Days to Sales Success


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In only one month, you can acquire the skills, tools, and techniques that will help you turn more prospects into loyal customers, increase your sales, and derive greater enjoyment from the experience. Organized into daily lessons on critical sales strategies, 30 Days to Sales Success is your roadmap to making sales more comfortable, more fulfilling, and more rewarding. Regardless of what you are sellingÑa product, a service, an idea, or a new directionÑyou have to understand the value of your offering and share it in a way that convinces people to participate. However, much of the sales advice today centers on the salesperson, not the customer, and entails aggressive cold-calling and upselling techniques. ItÕs no wonder so many people dislike sellingÉand why so many people dislike being sold to. Luckily, there is another wayÑa path to customer-oriented sales, with a focus on value, service, and long-term relationships. Named ÒOne of the Top 20 Sales Experts to FollowÓ by LinkedIn, Meridith Elliott Powell will equip you with critical strategies for sustainable, relationship-oriented sales success. First, you will gain a solid foundation in approaching salesÑfrom preparing to meet your prospect for the first time, to better defining your selling style, to more effectively articulating the value you and your product or service add. Next, you will develop expertise in the sales call, perfecting your message, delivery, and listening skills. Finally, you will master the art of the follow-up, ensuring your customerÕs satisfaction, earning more referrals, increasing your offerings, and continuing your discussions. By reading the lessons and completing the journaling prompts and action items each day, you will progressively improve your sales savvy so that by the end of the month, you will feel more confident in your abilities and your natural sales style, more passionate about your work, and more empowered to sell with intention and efficacy.






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