Battles of the Elohim

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On April 28th 2008, Dr. Harfouche was given a vision of the spirit that opposes God s work on the planet. Whether you know it or not, that spirit opposes you. Suicidal thoughts, mental warfare and strife throughout families are just a few of the symptoms that this spirit causes.

I heard the booming voice of the Lord say, There is a spirit that wants to destroy ministry, break covenant, usurp authority, steal from my people and keep my children trapped with the same patterns that he has used in generations past.

It has always been the process of the dark, invisible realm to intrude on the visible through the use of weapons of manipulation, while men and women walk in ignorance.

There is an invisible war, a battle that has been raging in every empire from Babylon until now.

Now is the time for the world to know their enemy. Intellectual and spiritual enlightenment will expose this dark prince, and his strategies.

We are living in a day where the outcome of God s determined future rests in our choices.

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