Decoding Hell's Propaganda: Sharpening Your Discernment

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Don't be the next victim! Arm yourself with spiritual weapons that you can use against the evil one s attacks and propaganda.

You can overpower the enemy! Are you being lured into accepting the wrong ideals? Do you really have the discernment skills needed to weather the dangerous last days the

Bible talks about?

Decoding Hell's Propaganda teaches Christians how to receive fresh, sound revelation, while being alert and discerning enough to recognize false teachings and deceptions.

Believers must sharpen their skills in spiritual discernment. The good news is that you can discern the truth and stay protected if you practice some important safeguards. Through Scripture and personal stories, the author s candid style reveals truths and thought-provoking issues, including how to:

  • * Operate in true biblical discernment without becoming critical and judgmental.
  • * Recognize key signs when a seducing spirit is at work.
  • * Know the difference between a simple error in biblical interpretation and the more serious doctrines of error.
  • * Rightly divide the Word of Truth.
  • * Deal with the increased and unrelenting temptations of the day.

With the right principles in place, you can follow the truth and avoid hell's propaganda!

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