God's Prescription For Divine Health

God's Prescription For Divine Health

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There is a medicine so powerful it can cure every sickness and disease known to man.

It has no dangerous side effects. It's even safe in massive doses. Sound too good to be true? It s Not! Gloria proves by the Word of God and confirms by personal experience that such a supernatural medicine exists. Even more important, she shows how you can get it anytime, anywhere you don't even have to call your doctor or drive to the pharmacy. If you've received healing by the laying on of hands, following this prescription will help you maintain your healing. If you've believed for healing, but are experiencing lingering symptoms, it will help you stand strong until you are completely symptom-free. And if you're healthy now, it will help you stay that way not just for a short time, but for the rest of your life. Discover God's Prescription for Divine Health today...it's powerful medicine!

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