New Life for Women

New Life for Women

Harrison House

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Dr Daisy Osborn's prolific ministry of teaching, preaching, writing, recording - plus her organizational abilities, is influencing millions with the message of the gospel - helping women of the world to discover their dignity and their destiny in God's plan of redemption.

She says: Jesus Christ is the only one who has nailprints in His hands. Those scars prove how much God believes you and I are worth. As women, we can never allow any theologian or ecclesiatic to demean or to depreciate our value to God or to obstruct or to limit our ministry as His witnesses and partners.

When we receive Christ, He lives in us and once more becomes God in the flesh - through us as women, the same as He does through men. We are His body now. He walks in us. He speaks and minsters through us. He is not limited by our social status, by our race or by our sex, unless we allow Him to be.

This is what I call New Life for Women.

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