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Passport to Success


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Jim Stovall, author of the award-winning book-turned-film The Ultimate Gift, and Greg S. Reid, author of the international bestseller Three Feet from Gold, bring you a powerful story about the importance of taking action on your dreams to fulfill your potential. Alex Best thought he was on the surefire path to successÑuntil, that is, he loses everything: his girlfriend, his dream job, his home, and, progressively, his sight. His initial reaction is to blame everyone else for his Òbad luck,Ó but a timely meeting with an old friend and mentor transforms his perspectiveÉ ÒYou are your own greatest mentorÉyou know what you need; go take action.Ó Looking for a fresh start, Alex sells his material possessions and embarks on a yearlong trip around the world. What begins as an attempt to see the sights heÕd always wanted to while he still could becomes a life-changing journey of self-discovery. As he encounters new guides in each place he visits, he receives lessons about how to realize meaningful success. The greatest among these is that he needs to take ownership of his circumstances, recognize and seize opportunities, abandon excuses and fears, and combine initiative with perseverance to create and sustain positive change in his life. The wisdom Alex gleans is available to you in this book: Stop letting ego, apathy, and fear limit your trajectory in life. Do away with the excuses that other people are responsible for your failures. Own your power and potential to build a life and legacy of success. Leave your mark on the earth by finding and living out your greatest purpose. The most beautiful sight is the masterpiece of your life that is uncovered once you remove the debris that is keeping it hidden. Join Alex on the trip of a lifetime: with Passport to Success, you, too, can expose your greatness and enjoy the fruits of living with enthusiasm and intentionality.






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