Prayer, Quantum Physics, and Hotel Mattresses

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God’s creation is so intimately intertwined that we cannot separate the visible from the invisible.

The unseen—thoughts, emotions, and matters of the Spirit—has dramatic impact on the seen—the stuff we deal with every day. Prayer, Quantum Physics, and Hotel Mattresses strives to integrate the visible and invisible aspects of life: prayer, representing the spiritual and relational side of life; quantum physics, representing the fundamental and scientific aspects of ultimate reality and the physical world in which we live; and hotel mattresses, representing the everyday stuff and situations to which we apply our faith.

You will learn:

•  Science and the Bible are not in competition—they are totally different but complementary, and they stand side by side as two of the most significant revelations of God.
•  God wants to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives, not just our worship on Sunday mornings.
•  There is an intimately spiritual nature in your everyday life.
•  How to better understand the physical world and enter into a deeper intimacy with the Creator God.

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