Prophetic Surges

Prophetic Surges

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The church must experience a radical change if our latter glory is to be greater than our former glory ... and the time for that change is NOW! We are a generation called to greatness - called to step into something bigger than ourselves that is worth laying down our lives for. Prophetic Surges summons an awakened generation who will answer this call and come forth in the spirit and power of Elijah as reformers who will restore all God has declared over us.

What does this glorious church look like? How will it operate? In these pages, Randy DeMain paints a prophetic portrait of a church with a fresh revelation of Jesus - a church that moves in the demonstration of Kingdom authority and power because she is filled with His Word and Spirit. In Section II of Prophetic Surges, you will find Bible-based prophetic decrees that you can release into the earth, causing the surge and the swell to break the church through into her destiny. We are the generation who will see the fulfillment of God's words spoken through His prophets as we take those words and release them into the earth with faith. Come, be a part of the surge - the magnificent transition into a glorious new day!

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