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Improvement is not innovationÉand innovation is essential if your aim is to survive in todayÕs business environment. Stealing Genius lays the foundation for a dramatic, and long-overdue, shift in 21st-century strategic marketing and branding. Most executives and decision-makers are now focused on improving what they already have. They want better versions of the products and services they know about or understand. However, fixating on improvement in todayÕs world is a dangerous pathÑone that ultimately leads to commoditization and irrelevance. Targeting your time, attention, and resources on innovation, by contrast, means identifying something that does not exist right now in any formÑsomething that will create a powerful, uncopyable experience for your target customer. In order to be successful both today and in the future, you need to separate yourself from the competition by practicing the breakthrough principle of Adaptive InnovationÑwhat Steve Miller calls Stealing Geniusª. How? By delivering an experience that the competition either cannot or will not attempt to copy. This is literally impossible if you stick to what is already familiar to you, because whatever is familiar to you and your customers is likely to be familiar to your competition. You must create a new experience that is unique to you and that fosters a powerful emotional attachment with your target customer. Featuring dozens of real-life case studies from a wide range of industries, Stealing Genius outlines MillerÕs proven six-step process for creating an uncopyable experience. YouÕll learn how to: áDo more than think outside the boxÑyouÕll build a new box completely áIdentify your ÒMoose,Ó the distinctive customer/client profile for which you are hunting áLeverage insight from daily experience, personal heroes, and organizations outside your industry to better serve your customers áFlip the competition by doing the exact opposite of what those in your industry are currently doing áMaximize your strategic innovation by bringing in a Stealing Geniusª facilitatorIf you are trying to anticipate the crowdÕs movement, you might as well be following the crowd. Create a truly original brand experience and start pioneering in your industry by implementing the game-changing process of Stealing Geniusª.






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