Stress-Proof Your Life

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Stress-Proof Your Life


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The secret to reducing your stress is not a better work-life balance, nor is it in meditation or mindfulness. Chronic high stressÑthe kind contributing to heart diseaseÑis not caused by an inability to decompress, but rather external factors that are out of our controlÑnamely, overwhelm and uncertainty. So, while most people are focusing on either eliminating or coping with their stressors, they should be working to become immune to unavoidable stress.Stress-Proof Your Life leverages insights from Eliz GreeneÕs 17 years of research, including a 4,000-person study, to provide the reader with stress management techniques that actually work. Through data-driven health insight and actionable exercises, this book teaches readers how to: áQuantify and assess their current stress level áOvercome overwhelm by practicing stress ecology áCombat uncertainty and the paralyzing loop of anxiety that accompanies it áOffset the physical impact of stress áRecover from the emotional toll of stress áCultivate resiliency in the face of crisis and changeEliz also shares insights from her research on generational and gender differences, leading high-performance teams, and cultivating a purpose-driven organizational culture that is immune to external and internal pressures. Once you implement the strategies detailed in this book, youÕll elevate your quality of life, enhance your productivity, boost your capacity for critical and creative thought, and attain heightened levels of personal and professional success. After experiencing a near-fatal heart attack at the age of 35 while 7 months pregnant with twins, Eliz Greene committed herself to uncovering and combating the preventable risk factors for heart disease, which led her to focus on job stress as a deadly and underexamined cause of heart attacks. For nearly two decades, Eliz has been on a mission to inspire busy people to pay attention to their heart health by identifying and taming their stress environment so that they can increase their vitality and create a purpose-driven and enjoyable life. DonÕt let job stress hold you back from the fulfillment and wellness you deserve or cause you to miss those special moments that make everything matter. Stress-proof your life and discover the secret to weathering adversity and uncertainty and improving your overall well-being!






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