Successful Living in a Changing World

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Successful Living in a Changing World


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ItÕs time for you to rediscover your passion for living and thrive within this ever-changing world! Have you lost the gusto that once characterized your thoughts and actions? Sometimes all you need to regain your enthusiasm for life, work, and relationships is a pointed, friendly reminder of the details you are overlooking and the capabilities you may be neglecting.Successful Living in a Changing World collects the best of Earl NightingaleÕs timeless lessons on how to enjoy more of the good things in life. With his signature wit and wisdom, Nightingale shares enduring principles that are the bedrock of success in a world that is continuously in flux. Who among us would not benefit from insight, enlivened with anecdotes and aphorisms, on the following subjects: á Enriching oneself through creation rather than competition áAdvancing oneÕs career and building security by anticipating change in industry áUsing creative thinking to achieve success in any endeavor, regardless of circumstances áBuilding healthier friendships, marriages, and work relationships through improved communication áReaching oneÕs potential by developing self-confidence, self-control, persistence, initiative, gratitude, generosity, and other crucial qualities.Reading these messages takes us on what Nightingale calls the most profound and interesting journey of our livesÑthat of self-discovery. As you encounter their truths, you can access untapped reservoirs of power deep within yourself and cultivate resilience and lasting fulfillment in your changing world. Known as the ÒDean of Personal Development,Ó Earl Nightingale broadcast his radio programs for more than three decades on over 1,000 radio stations in twelve countries around the world, making him one of the most listened-to broadcasters in history. An inductee into both the Radio Hall of Fame and the International Speakers Hall of Fame and a winner of the prestigious Golden Gavel Award, he dedicated his life to helping others achieve personal success, co-founding Nightingale-Conant, a world leader in personal development. Combining his personal insight with wisdom from the greatest minds in historyÑfrom the ancient Greek philosophers to contemporary thought leadersÑhe provides original and creative commentaries on life and the ways of successful living.






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