Teach Us to Pray: Prayer That Accesses Heaven and Changes Earth

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Teach Us to Pray: Prayer That Accesses Heaven and Changes Earth
Teach Us to Pray: Prayer That Accesses Heaven and Changes Earth
Teach Us to Pray: Prayer That Accesses Heaven and Changes Earth


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Learn how to access heaven and release it into the earth!

Jesus’ disciples heard every message, witnessed every miracle and deliverance and healing and we don’t see one recorded time where they asked Him, “Teach us to preach,” or “Teach us to heal,” or “Teach us to deliver.” After spending three and a half years with the Son of God in the flesh, they cried out to Him, “We want Your prayer life… Teach Us to Pray!” They understood that Jesus’ public life of ministry was the result of His private life of prayer with the Father.

It’s in light of this reality that we must begin to shift all of our discipleship and training of the next generation.  We are living in turbulent days, therefore we must get back to the foundational realities of intimate connection with heaven. We must come out of the swirl of noise and busyness and distraction and reconnect to heaven so that we will see heaven’s invasion into the earth.

Corey Russell has given himself to 30-plus hours of prayer a week for the last 20 years, and longs to take the lessons he has learned through all the seasons of life and impart them to as many as will receive.

Discover how:

  • To tune out the noise, distractions, and busyness of our culture and cultivate hours at the feet of Jesus
  • To allow the Lord to remove all of the props we build our lives on and hear His voice
  • To ascend to the throne of God and see His power manifested in our families, our circumstances, and our world
  • To persevere in prayer when you hit walls of resistance
  • To be sent with authority and power and compassion into the world around you
  • To build a life of consistent prayer that hosts the anointing of prayer
  • To go from being an echo of someone else’s message to becoming a voice in your generation
  • To develop a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Teach Us to Pray will ignite your prayer life from one that is filled with boredom into one that is filled with power!






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