The Accountability Advantage

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The Accountability Advantage
The Accountability Advantage


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Does culture connect to your bottom line? Absolutely! At the end of the day, there are two kinds of leaders: those who do not get why it is vitally important to build and sustain an accountable culture and those who do. This book makes a compelling case for investing in an accountable workplace culture É and offers a clear, five-step action plan for making it happen in your organization. Silverstein lays out the evidence that creating an inspired workplace culture based on accountability makes it possible for your organization to deliver steady, sustainable organizational growth in all the metrics that matter, including revenue. Powerful case studies confirm the real-world results in every one of these areas: This book is for you if you lead a company, a team, or any kind of professional alliance that can benefit from creating, sustaining, and protecting a strong workplace culture. It is for you if you want to: áAttract and retain the very best people in your industry áEnhance customer service áOutperform your competition during good times and bad áPromote the highest levels of innovation and creativity within the organization áSignificantly increase employee engagement áCreate better collaboration across work groups áFoster dramatic improvements in communication and teamwork áSustainably grow your bottom lineThe Accountability Advantage shares a powerful, proven, five-step process for improving team culture. Those five steps are: áDefine the culture. Make yours a culture by design, not a culture by default. áModel the culture. Show people what accountability looks like in action. áTeach the culture. Evangelize, share, and discuss the culture in an ongoing and empowering way. Use instances of behavior that do and do not align with the culture as teaching moments. áProtect the culture. Learn how to build and support relationships that create a working environment your best people want to stay inÑand protect! áCelebrate the culture. Make sure to celebrate all cultural victories, big and small. Keep reinforcing the successes your culture produces.There really is a recipe for creating a positive workplace culture that delivers measurable, sustainable improvements to your bottom line. This book gives you that recipe. Use it, share it, and implement it É to make accountability your competitive advantage.






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