The Accountability Circle

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The Accountability Circle
The Accountability Circle


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ÒWe are responsible for thingsÉbut we are accountable to people. When we discover our own unique purpose, and then make and keep personal commitments that support that purpose, that is accountability. If everyone in the Accountability Circle makes and keeps those commitments, then accountability becomes a way of life.Ó ÐSam Silverstein áTHE ACCOUNTABILITY CIRCLE gives you a trusted group of Accountability Partners for your life, your career, and your business. They support you in identifying and acting on your Purpose, your Mission, and your ValuesÉand you support them in turn. áTHE ACCOUNTABILITY CIRCLE is where you go to become the best person you can be. It is much more than a mastermind group. It goes far deeper than networking and sharing best business practices. It is about becoming a truly accountable person and a leader in your own life. áTHE ACCOUNTABILITY CIRCLE goes far beyond your current Òcircle of friendsÓ É and creates a powerful group of allies who are focused on your best interests, based on your unique purpose and mission. áTHE ACCOUNTABILITY CIRCLE is the ultimate personal development strategy and the critical leadership advantage. We all want to reach our potential, become the best version of ourselves, and get the most we possibly can out of life. We all want to maximize our impact and leave a legacy that inspires other people to be their best. For most of us, the problem is not that we are not trying to be our best. The real problem is that we are unable to see and understand fully what our very best can be. We may think that we have to create our own solutions and cannot ask for help. However, this vision of a self-reliant accountability is wrong. In fact, everything we have been taught about accountability is wrong. Accountability is not about having to prove ourselves, create some original idea, or live an independent life, and it is certainly not about Òholding others accountable.Ó Quite the contraryÑaccountability is all about commitments and interdependence. We need other people to help us to be our very best, and we need to help other people to be their very best. It is in helping others fulfill their potential that we identify and achieve our own true potential! Action always comes with belief. When you begin taking action with full accountability in your Accountability Circle, you will begin to see people differently, show up differently, commit differently, and bring people into your life differently. By building accountable relationships, you will open yourself up to unrealized opportunities for growth and outreach. Sam SilversteinÕs The Accountability Circle shows you how to unlock the power of your own purpose, and learn how your best self can be discovered through the eyes of people who truly care about you. This discovery results, not just in more meaningful relationships within the Circle, but in the capacity to cultivate stronger relationships outside the Circle. Building on the commitments you make and inspire, you can achieve major life goals and make deeper contributions in your home life, your workplace, and the larger world.






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