Zig Ziglar's Treasury of Life Lessons

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Zig Ziglar's Treasury of Life Lessons


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Zig Ziglar. The name alone is synonymous with decades of sharing his personal wisdom, integrity, and successful life strategiesÑimpacting worldwide audiences. This book is filled with ZigÕs principles for successful livingÑsimple yet effective approaches that can make all the difference between living a mediocre life or a life filled with excitement and fulfillment. You can put his practical suggestions to work immediately to increase your happiness, hone your efficiency, and become a more confident and energized person, ready to take on all challenges. One of the most widely read and listened to motivators in the United States, ZigÕs enthusiasm, understanding, and ability to communicate with people of all ages have influenced an estimated quarter of a billion individuals through his well-received and best-selling books. The insights in this Treasury of Life Lessons will compel you to learn the skills to become the person you want to be and maintain a meaningful lifestyle. ZigÕs bottom line truism known worldwide is as accurate today as it was years ago: You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want. Zig ZiglarÕs positive advice about real-world successes reveal conclusively that the strategies in this book work! You will learn exactly how to receive the rewards, the dreams, and the desires youÕve always wanted. Setting goals works. With Zig as your teacher, you can achieve each goal you set for yourself. Success in every area of your life is worth the time and effort. The winning formula? ¥ Commit to being the best you can be.¥ Discover and develop what you already have.¥ Ultimately strive to help others get what they need and want. Whether you are experiencing Zig Ziglar for the first time or even if you have followed him for years, you will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge and common-sense wisdom offered on page after page throughout Zig ZiglarÕs Treasury of Life Lessons






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