Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Manifesto

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Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Manifesto
Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Manifesto


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Jeffrey GitomerÕsSALES MANIFESTOImperative Actions You Need to Take and Master to Dominate Your Competition and Win for Yourself...For the Next Decade After 50 years of successfully making sales all over the world. After delivering more than 2,500 customized speeches to the world's biggest companies. After establishing an unrivaled social platform with millions of views and followers. After leading the marketplace with Sell or Die podcast. After delivering more than 350 sold-out public seminars to audiences all over the globe. After writing 13 best-selling books including The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of SellingÉ Jeffrey Gitomer has finally written the SALES MANIFESTO. A book that sets the standard, and lays bare what it will take for salespeople to succeed now, and for the next decade. The book, and itÕs resource links, will take you, the reader to explanations that will disrupt old world sales tactics that no longer resonate with buyers, and sets easy to understand and implement elements of what it will take to win more profitable sales. HereÕs a brief explanation of whatÕs in store as you read, watch, learn, and implement: The MANIFESTO identifies in simple language the 5.5 parts of the new sale, and builds easy-to- learn and easy-to-implement models for each component: 1. Value Attraction (creating social messages that make the reader want more) 2. THEM Preparation (planning strategy, getting ready, and executing) 3. Value Engagement (attraction PLUS value) 4. Connection and Completion (perceived value beyond price in both Òhow to connectÓ and Òconnect to make a saleÓ) 5. Building profitable long-term relationships (loyal, value driven customers) 5.5 Building a permanent referable first-class reputation (both online and community based) This book is not just the answer Ð itÕs a no bullshit book of ANSWERS and ACTIONS that will put you on top of your sales world and keep you there. MANIFESTO is not just MORE. MANIFESTO isÉ Think. Read. Experience. Observe. Collect Ð ideas and friends. Expose your thoughts. Attract. Prepare and Be Prepared. Internet. Intend. Engage. Relate. Differentiate. Prove value. Serve with pride. Reward Ð yourself and others. Love it or leave it. Do the right thing all the time.






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