The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

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The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life


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Real Joy for Disenchanted Christians

If they are honest with themselves, many Christians would describe their discipleship experience as “disappointing.” Despite their genuine devotion and faithful discipline, they find themselves hungering and thirsting for more. 

It is to these disenchanted pilgrims that this book was written.

Despite its seemingly trite title, this classic work, endorsed by the renowned Rev. Andrew Murray, offers robust hope and practical insight for Christians longing to waken to the joy-filled, victorious life of Jesus.

Written by Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911), a lay speaker and author, this quintessential work on joyful Christianity offers sage wisdom in an accessible tone that is at once both simple and rich.

Readers will discover practical insight for…

  • Entering into this abundant life
  • Bolstering weak faith
  • Harnessing a stubborn will
  • Wrestling with lingering doubt
  • Overcoming persistent temptation 
  • Walking in joyful obedience
  • Experiencing oneness with Christ
  • … and much more

Weary readers who “know there must be an entire surrender of self to Him… and have tried over and over to do it, but hitherto without any apparent success,” will find in this book a healing balm and rousing charge to continue in faith until they have laid hold of this abundant life — the “life hid with Christ in God.”

“In the very depths of your hearts you know that your experience is not a Scriptural experience… and you have been forced to settle down to the conviction that the best you can expect from your religion is a life of alternate failure and victory; one hour sinning, and the next repenting. … But is this all? Had the Lord Jesus only this in His mind when He laid down His precious life to deliver you from your sore and cruel bondage to sin? Did He propose to Himself only this partial deliverance? … No, no, a thousand times no! God is able to save unto the uttermost, and He means to do it.”






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